Your Trusted Partner for Complete Home Inspection & Maintenance Solutions

Simplifying Homeownership & Providing Peace of Mind

Owning a home is an incredible accomplishment, but maintaining it can be time-consuming and overwhelming. At Fortune Property Services, we understand the challenges today's homeowners face. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of services specifically designed to simplify your life and empower you as a homeowner.

Our Foundation Is Our Strength!

Fortune Property Services was built from my 15 plus years of experience in property maintenance and management, an entrepreneurial spirit, and 4 guiding principles that I hold true to myself and those closest to me.

Our 4 core values are:

  • Have Integrity In All That We Do
    - Doing the right thing even when nobody is watching.

  • Prioritize Lifelong Learning & Development
    - Sharping the Saw is one of the keys to success.

  • Demonstrate Impactful Social Responsibility
    - Give back and support your community.

  • Client's Needs First - Always!
    - We're here to serve.

Certified Professional Home Inspections

Fortune Property Services provides Certified Professional Home and Property Inspections, that will give you a clear and detailed understanding of the properties condition and maintenance needs. Focussing on both, what needs done now and what will need done as you own the home.

Quarterly Maintenance Program

Fortune Property Services has developed a Quarterly Maintenance Program that gives your valuable free time back. As well as providing the peace of mind that your home's maintenance is being managed and monitored professionally. Keeping your home happy, healthy, and safe..

Creating Happier, Healthier Communities

One Homeowner at a Time!

Fortune Property Services  Mission Statement

To deliver clarity and peace of mind through home inspections and essential maintenance services. Empowering homeowners with knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions about their most valuable asset, while safeguarding the foundation of happy and healthy communities.