Investing in your home isn't just about the bricks and mortar. 

It is about investing in your peace of mind. You do so much more than just live in your home. It is where you learn to laugh, love and grow. Your home should be a haven of peace and comfort not a source of stress and worry. 

professional home inspection & maintenance services

By combining home maintenance with a certified professional home inspection. Fortune Property Services has truly simplified home ownership for Southeast Iowa homeowners. Providing a proactive solution to your home's maintenance from the moment you place your offer.

We're committed to Creating Happier, Healthier Communities.

One homeowner at a time!

Southeast Iowa's #1 Choice in Home Inspection & maintenance Services


Southeast Iowa's Leading Home Inspection & Maintenance Service Provider

Certified Professional Home Inspection Services

Don't wait for the surprises to surface. Gain peace of mind and prevent costly repairs with a comprehensive inspection. We uncover hidden issues, large and small,  Our detailed inspection report provides valuable insights into your home's condition. Giving you the power to prioritize maintenance needs and make informed decisions about your property. Plan for the future, protect your investment, and create a safe, comfortable haven for you and your family.

Quarterly Home Maintenance Program

Say goodbye to unexpected costs and discomfort. Our proactive approach combines routine maintenance with in-depth inspections and performance optimization, catching potential issues early and ensuring your home functions efficiently. Invest in peace of mind, lower energy bills, and a comfortable living environment. 

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